Selection results (rest quota)  for Erasmus+ Non-European Exchange Program (KA107 International Credit Mobility-ICM) Incoming Student Applications for 2021-2022 Academic Year can be found below: 


2021-2022 Selection List (2019 Project)



Placed with Grant: Students who were placed at a university and received an Erasmus+ grant.
Placed without Grant: Students who were placed without Erasmus+ grant (due to grant quota specific to each country) are “reserve for grant”. These students may receive an Erasmus+ grant if a granted student in the same country withdraws from the program and no new student gets placed in that quota with a higher Overall Score.

Procedures After Selection:



These procedures are valid for both students with and without grants.


The student who has been placed on the list are required to contact Erasmus+ Office KA107 Projects Specialist (  until 10 January 2022, 12.00 am (noon time).


A student who decides to withdraw from the program is required to contact Erasmus+ Office KA107 Projects Specialist ( until 10 January 2022,12.00 am (noon time). The student who withdraws from the program without a force major reason after 10 January 2022,12.00 am (noon time) will lose 10 points in their future Erasmus applications. Even though the participants do not conduct their mobility yet;10 points will be decreased because of being selected and granted in this call.


Selection Criteria:


This Programme provides 5 months-long student mobility for studies (SMS) exchange financed by the SDU KA107 budget.

Incoming students are paid 800 Euro per month.

Besides, all the short-listed candidates are paid one-time travel grants depending on the distance between Süleyman Demirel University (City: Isparta) and the partner institution’s location.

10-99 KM 20 EURO
100-499 KM 180 EURO
500-1999 KM 275 EURO
2000-2999 KM 360 EURO
3000-3999 KM 530 EURO
4000-7999 KM 820 EURO
OVER 8000 KM 1500 EURO




All the applications for students from partner institutions gathered from the following link according to the calendar below

For Student:


Announcement of the selection criteria: 11.11.2021 ( Thursday)-1.12.2021 (Wednesday)
Application dates: 02.12.2021(Thursday)-16.12.2021(Thursday)

Announcement date of student selection: 24.12.2021 (Friday)

Selection Criteria for Students:

-(%50) GPA (For Bachelor at least 2.20, For Graduate at least 2.50)

-(%50) language level.

Total Applications:

2019 Project: 7 students


7 individual applications from 2 different partner institutions.


Name of The Partner Institution Total Number of Applications Project Interval
Kazakh National Agrarian University (Kazakhstan) 5 2019-2022
Al Farabi Kazakh National University (Kazakhstan) 2 2019-2022




*The Following table is applied to standardize the dispersed proof of languages collected from the candidates. For the ones who submitted certificates from universities language centers without any indication for level is taken as "B1".

Following Conversion Tables of the Turkish Higher Education Council and The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey are used to standardize dispersed GPAs.

Conversion Table :



Common European Framework of Referance for Languages (CEFR)    
A1 Basic 0-19
A2 Pre-Intermediate 20-39
B1 Intermediate 40-54
B2 Upper-Intermediate 55-69
C1 Advanced 70-84
C2 Proficient 85-100


Objection to Selection Results:

Applicants who would like to object to the selection results made according to the above criteria must apply to Erasmus+ Office KA107 Projects Specialist ( with a written petition within one week from the date of the announcement. The written applications will be evaluated by the University Exchange Programs Commission.

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