General Health Insurance

In line with the new legal regulations implemented in Turkey, all students must have a general health insurance. There are  Social Security agreements between Turkey and some European countries.  Please click the following link to see if your home country has a Social Security  agrement with Turkey: Bilateral agreements

There are two possibilities

1) If there is an Social Security agreement between your home country and TurkeyPlease go to your national Social Security Office and ask for the form certifying your coverage. It has to be issued in your country and sealed and stamped. This document will be valid for residence permit and will let you have medical treatment at Turkish state hospitals.

2) If your country does not have a Social Security agreement :  In this case, you have to provide a private health insurance. Best option is to buy one in Turkey so that it meets the legal requirements asked for the residence permit . You cannot stay in Turkey without a residence permit !


Süleyman Demirel University Erasmus Office will be assisting students to obtain the best bargain insurance in Turkey

For the further information do not hesitate to write to the following addresses: