Duties and Responsibilities 

Erasmus Institutional Coordinator works under the Rector's Office of the University. It carries out its studies for outgoing-incoming academic, administrative and student mobility.

1-    Making internal and external correspondence.

2-    To ensure the correspondence of selected students with their universities.

3-    To ensure that students' applications comply with the current procedure, to inform students throughout the process.

4-    Carrying out the outgoing - incoming academic, administrative, student study/ traineeship mobility for Erasmus+ program.

5-    To take an active part in all organizations organized by the Erasmus Institution Coordinatorship; To provide the necessary support in all the processes followed.

6-    To provide the necessary support to the students in the subjects they need.

7-    Answering e-mails regarding Erasmus+ staff mobility, providing assistance and support to staff in their transaction processes.

8-    Conducting correspondence with the National Agency and other units of our university regarding Erasmus+ student and staff exchange.

9-    Obtaining and checking application documents and compliance audit documents from the units.

10- Preparation and submission of interim and final reports to the National Agency for the relevant mobility period, etc.

To carry out other work and procedures given by the top managers with the process to which our coordination is affiliated. It is responsible to its superiors for the fulfillment of the services it is obliged to carry out in terms of its field of duty.